Stock issues continue for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles , as well as PC components such as graphics and CPUs. Problems with semiconductors and other parts continue to be cited , which also affect mobiles, cars, etc. But being more specific, one of the biggest culprits is a few tiny pieces of just € 1 in cost .

As they point out in this Bloomberg article , the worldwide shortage of on-screen drivers and this tiny and hitherto anonymous chip are putting global production in check. Although being more specific, everything that is produced and computerized , although more specific details are given in the same article.

The article gives interesting details about why we live this shortage of these products. From delays in production orders (companies thought that lockdowns would lead to less demand for IT products , not the other way around) to the fact that some of these components are manufactured using outdated methods; down to the fact that many components now need chips that they didn’t before .

Even now it seems that some adverse factors have made everything worse – if possible – such as the ship that was stuck for days in the Suez Canal . Although many would expect improvements in production capacity from all this, it seems that companies responsible for parts such as those named will not change their systems anytime soon .

And it is that they would not be interested in doing it , since ” the existing productions are amortized and adjusted to have almost perfect yields, so these pieces can be made for € 1, or less, and the most advanced ones for not much more “.

What else could happen to delay production ? It will be better not to speak too loudly about it, because those who are still interested in buying new consoles, graphics, etc. can not do it normally after several months since its launch.