You will agree with us that it is surprisingly difficult to find an ordinary character or with a normalized personality within a video game, but on the other hand, it is extremely easy to face or adopt the role of serial killers, psychopathic clowns and morons of all kinds.

Throughout these years, the obsession with finding class enemies has allowed some of the most irrational villains of pop culture are characters as interesting as they are fearsome.

In this review of the most dangerous and terrifying protagonists, we are going to take a walk around the most unstable and disturbed psychopaths that you can find in a video game.

If you suffer from a sensitive stomach or are prone to nightmares, you should not read beyond these lines, because from now on, we delve into the wild history of complex personalities, whose hallmark is the lack of any basic human empathy, who perform unspeakable acts or they just behave like savages. But despite everything, it’s hard to look away.

Sweet Tooth – Twisted Metal Black (Incog Inc., 2012) PlayStation 2

This deranged killer clown, also known as Needles Kane, is open to various interpretations within the timeline of the franchise, but, without a doubt, the darkest and most disturbing corresponds to the most recent.

Markus Kane was once a proud ice cream truck driver, living happily with his family of wife and children, but due to an associative identity disorder, the exemplary family man develops an alternate personality known as Sweet Tooth.

From here on he turns all his efforts into a maelstrom of murders starting with his own family. The only one who managed to escape the horror was his daughter Sophie.

The fiery clown decides to enter the contest Twisted Metal with the intention that Calypso send him to the place where her daughter is hiding, although in the end, she had committed suicide years before.

Walter Sullivan – Silent Hill 4: The Room (Konami, 2004) PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC

The Room introduced the world to Walter Sullivan as the antagonist of Silent Hill 4, a serial killer and religious fanatic who after leaving the family home where he received abuse, ends up being adopted by a sacrilegious cult at a very young age.

More specifically, the boy is recruited to perform a ritual called the 21 sacraments. What are the 21 sacraments? Basically murdering 21 people to invoke God and Heaven on earth.

At the age of 24, Sullivan began the 21 Sacraments with the murder of 10 people in two days, extracting their hearts and carving successive numbers on their bodies.

A police report states that Walter was captured and convicted, but later committed suicide by stabbing himself in the neck with a spoon, severing his carotid artery in his own cell. Later a journalist claimed that the real Walter Sullivan had never died in prison, claiming that the person detained by the police was not the real Sullivan.

Walter Sullivan in Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Walter Sullivan in Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Trevor Phillips – GTA V (Rockstar, 2013) PS3/PS4/PS5/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/PC

While some of our characters accumulate disorders from birth, other specimens are a direct product of their environment. This is precisely the case for Trevor Phillips. With a painful childhood full of conflicts, Trevor received the call of the corruption very early on.

To be fair, he had a rough time in and out of foster homes and correctional facilities, but to become a degenerate with no empathy for human life is taking the extreme too far. Trevor is violent, rude, completely irrational and takes pride in amassing such a criminal career.

Trevor Phillips in GTA V

Trevor Phillips in GTA V

Warden Clement Darling – The house of the Dead Overkill (SEGA, 2009) Wii/PS3/PC

When a son wants to save his mother from an untimely death, the gesture is usually considered a noble task, however, when he plans to use a secret formula to transplant his mother’s brain into a new body, you have enough ballots to be like a cowbell.

Furthermore, it seems that Clement shared an incestuous relationship with his mother, this until our disturbed transforms into a huge abomination and if that’s bad, later it is discovered that he is also the cause of the mutant virus that devastates the city. A complete lout whose only wish is to return to his mother’s womb.

Warden Clement Darling in The house of the Dead Overkill. 

Warden Clement Darling in The house of the Dead Overkill. 

Piggsy – Manhunt (Rockstar 2003) PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC

Nothing better than a lunatic more past than Rasputin, a pig mask and a chainsaw to sow some confusion. “Pig finds, pig kills”, this is the only motivation of the character of the Saga Manhunt.

Piggsy is the star figure in a twisted production where serial killers mutilate and chase each other to death. The character, a true murderer without control, seems to have lost any characteristic that resembles him with a human being, to the point of speaking in monosyllables.

“Hungry Piggsy” “Killing Piggsy” and other niceties of the same style spring from the mouth of the macabre character. While he’s not busy churning out some butchery, Piggsy is holed up in an attic and preys on the less fortunate participants in the massacres.

As a detail, in a Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you can find Piggsy in a forest and fight him. Surely at this moment the image of one of these stormy virtual characters that do not appear on the list has come to mind. Whose?

Piggsy on Manhunt

Piggsy on Manhunt

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