The Gunk is now available to buy on Steam

The Gunk is now available to buy on Steam

Despite all the bad stuff, 2021 was one of the best years in many ways for the gaming industry and we had a ton of major releases throughout those months, giving us a ton of hours of gaming on the controller. stuck to the hands

One of the many games that came to light last year was The Gunk, a new indie announced during the summer 2020 events and released exclusively for Xbox consoles,  both old and new generation.

The Gunk has officially arrived on Steam

This game was released at the time with a temporary exclusivity for Xbox consoles, so a few months ago its official launch for PC on Steam was confirmed , which would arrive along with everything previously added to consoles, such as photo mode. Today you can already enjoy the title through the Valve platform , as expected.

The Gunk Gameplay Trailer

The Gunk moves away a bit from Xbox and Game Pass and now gives more options for purchase for those regular users to enter Steam on PC, which will surely lead to more sales and more people enjoying this interesting title.

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