The world of video games is taking sides en masse in favor of the right to abortion!

In the past few hours in that of the United States a real case exploded following the abolition of the right to abortion determined by the American Supreme Court with the entire video game industry, which has decided to promptly express all its disappointment with this unexpected and sad news.

The video game industry has spoken out in favor of the right to abortion

In fact, yes, after having reported the protest messages of the main development teams belonging to the PlayStation Studios we point out in this article the tweets shared by many other big companies and figures belonging to the video game industry such as Xbox, PlayStation, EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Respawn, Double Fine, Jade Raymond and many others who have decided to take sides in favor of the right to abortion.

Let’s start from the official Twitter profile of Xbox who shared the following message:

“At Xbox, we continue our commitment to our employees to ensure equal access to healthcare. We will continue to do all we can under the law to support our employees and enlisted dependents in accessing critical health care.

Our US health plans cover forensic services such as abortion and gender affirmation care, and we have recently extended our benefits to reimbursement of travel expenses to access covered medical services.“

The second message shared by another important exponent of the video game industry is that of Electronic Arts who stated the following:

Our support is unwavering for our people. We are committed to expanding our benefits to US employees and their eligible dependents. Our goal is to provide care, support and services for the health and well-being of our employees.

And among the messages shared by companies belonging to the video game industry we also find Bethesda an American publisher acquired in recent months by Microsoft who stated in a dedicated twitter of “believe in the ability to make choices” with regard to “your lifestyle and your body”Of each person.

Also Ubisoft expressed all his disagreement with the abortion of the right to abortion with the following message:

“We fully support our teams in the United States. Today and every day, we believe that reproductive rights are human rights, that women’s rights are human rights, that trans rights are human rights, and that equal rights for all are essential in a world where everyone can be authentic themselves and thrive.“

Finally we conclude our article by quoting the message of Respawn with the development team led by Vince Zampella who pledged support to all employees affected by this event.

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