The building game Voxel Tycoon mixes Cities Skylines with Factorio

The building game Voxel Tycoon mixes Cities Skylines with Factorio

The cities of Voxel Tycoon can grow to infinity

With Voxel Tycoon a new economic simulation wants to establish itself. However, the game wants to stand out from the competition. Because you do a lot more than just build a city and define a transport network. Because the title goes into great detail and doesn’t let you establish factories unlike the style of a Factorio.

This is what Voxel Tycoon offers

But before you can create a metropolis, you have to start small. This is how you mine resources and process them into goods in factories. Then you set up a supply network with trains and trucks so that the products also find their way to the end consumer.

However, it will take some time for everything to work smoothly. Because in Voxel Tycoon you have to define numerous operational processes yourself.

  • Transport system: You not only build roads and rails including traffic signals, but also define transport routes and determine, for example, which train wagons should load or unload what at which station. But you also take care of the passenger transport.
  • Factories: You organize everything from mining the raw material to refining it and producing the final products. You can also connect different machines, buildings and locations with assembly lines to create factories.
  • Economy: Every city will develop differently and you have to keep an eye on the ever-changing needs of the population. Not only do they always want new products, their prices also change.
  • An endless world: The game world is generated randomly and therefore absolutely endless. So you can keep expanding and discover new biomes in the process. From deserts to arctic tundra everything should be represented.

The game combines things like building a transport system or road network like in OpenTTD and Cities Skylines with the automation of production cycles like in Factorio.

When will Voxel Tycoon be released?

Voxel Tycoon you can play from April 15, 2021. Because then the Early Access version appears, which should also be modded. This phase should last at least two years. The project will be finished in 2023 at the earliest.

Until then, you want to include things like multiplayer, additional game modes, weather conditions and more transport options such as planes and ships.1ad0acd9035b48db8680c36a0ae80eff

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