There’s a weird new trailer for Atomic Heart, featuring none other than Jensen Ackles, best known for his roles in Supernatural and as the evil superhero Soldier Boy in Amazon’s The Boys. As the FPS game prepares to release on Steam and we get closer to Atomic Heart’s release date, it looks like developer Mundfish has one last weird surprise up its sleeve.

Allow me to describe the new Atomic Heart trailer, and please stop me when it sounds like a fever dream.

A young woman wearing a witch’s hat and armed with a magic wand tries in vain to bring a mannequin to life. The mannequins have simple painted faces that look like emojis. It was then that American actor Jensen Ackles, known for his portrayal of Dean Winchester in the dark fantasy series Supernatural, appeared and put a hand on his shoulder.

Jensen Ackles wears a glowing power glove and a dog tag that reads “Major Nechayev”. “How are we going to survive the robot apocalypse? asks the young woman. “Watch and learn,” Eckles/Nechayev replies, before hoisting a gigantic hammer wrapped in saw blades over his shoulder and proceeding to demolish the aforementioned dummy.

His attention then turns to a collection of human-shaped tubes and red goo hanging from the ceiling. In slow motion, Eckles pulls this apart with his bare hands as the young woman in the witch hat watches and smiles.

You know what, see for yourself.

Here are some gameplay clips of Atomic Heart, showing off the retro-futuristic shooter visuals and some of Atomic Heart’s abilities you’ll need to master to survive. Otherwise, it’s a kind of… piece of humor? Don’t expect to see Eckles in the game though. We’re pretty sure he’s only here for the trailer.

If you want to know how long Atomic Heart lasts, we have the answer. You’ll also want to get all of the Atomic Heart system requirements ahead of launch day, and maybe take a closer look at Atomic Heart’s hero, who, again, probably won’t be good ol’ Jensen.

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