The 2D sandbox Metroidvania Terraria already has a ton of content, but the popular Calamity mod brings even more side-scrolling goodness with new enemies, items, and biomes. Items that use mana, such as Spell Tomes and Lasers, are also included in the mod, which can significantly alter players’ standardized progression from start to finish. There are now plenty of ways for mage-based players to try and advance their builds in Terraria Calamity – this guide will walk you through our favorite items from pre-hard to pre-Moon Lord.

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Pre-Mage Hardmode Building Guide

Like many classes, the pre-hardmode mage is nothing to get excited about. Find as many stars as possible to increase your mana by creating and consuming Mana Crystals, and aim for Corruption early to get a few wizard-related items. These are the items you should be looking for when preparing to fight the wall of meat.

  • Vilethorn
    • This magical weapon extends a long spear from the caster and can strike enemies up to seven times when properly positioned. Ultimately, this will be your default item during fights, as it helps knock enemies back, while the piercing ability can help mitigate large amounts of enemies.
      • Dropped Shadow Orbs in The Corruption, and recovered by fishing in The Corruption.
  • ray of ice
    • Fires an orb of ice that moves slowly towards enemies, unaffected by gravity. Also inflicts a Frostburn debuff on enemies it hits, dealing minor damage. This weapon is useful in certain situations, like shooting long enemies like Eater of Worlds, because it can hit multiple times.
      • Any ice block (x20)
      • Cooling (x2)
      • Any snow block (x10)
      • Bucket of water
  • Jungle Armor (Set)
    • The full set offers 16% reduced mana usage, meaning you’ll be in the fight longer. Change it straight away once you enter hard mode – the defense offered (base 17) is mediocre at best.
      • Darts (x10)
      • Videos (x2)
      • Jungle Spores (x32)
  • star power strip
    • This is a simple accessory that increases mana by 20. It’s usually easy to find and is a big boost, giving players an extra full mana star to use when casting.
      • Found in Living Tree Loot (Chests and Crates)

Hardmode: Mages Building Guide for Mechanical Bosses

Gamepur screenshot

The meat wall has come down, and now the world has changed dramatically. This is when the Mage class begins to reach its own level of effectiveness, as spawn rates and enemy health also increase. Luckily, wizards are starting to get unique mana-based toys to take down these new threats. Try this build for increased damage at the start of Hardmode.

  • golden bath
    • Golden Shower is easy to build (if you already have Crimson in your world, otherwise you’ll need to plant Crimson Seeds) and offers easy and reliable damage. The icing on the cake of this gun is the heavy Honduras debuff, which rips through enemy armor for 10 seconds after being hit. You’ll still want to give your enemies a golden shower before the rest of the party closes the distance and finishes the job.
      • tome of spells
      • Icon (x20)
      • Night Soul (15)
  • Miasma
    • Fires up to five gas clouds that inflict irradiated debuff for three seconds, causing DoT. Continue the Golden Shower proc, then continue with Miasma while enemy armor is debuffed with Honduras for maximum damage.
      • Varilla Nimbo
      • aquamarine staff
      • Corroded Fossil (x10)
  • icy lightning
    • A slow orb that deals with both In flames! there frost burn, causing a heavy DOT for three seconds on strike. This orb bounces off walls four times or can pierce enemies four times; it’s best used in smaller spaces (like dungeon or hell) or when you can pack all the enemies into a single line (during invasions, while defending your base).
      • ray of ice
      • flare bolt
      • Eleum Essence (x2)
      • Essence of Chaos (x2)
  • wizard’s emblem
    • This emblem will likely be a standard piece of gear for the rest of your time as a mage. Provides a simple +15% outgoing magic damage buff when equipped.
      • Drops from the Wall of Meat with a 12.5% ​​chance.
  • Fortune telling
    • This buff lasts until death and is received by interacting with the crystal ball. Grants +20 mana, +5% magic damage, +2% magic-based critical strike chance, and -2% mana usage. This buff lasts until you die, so place it right next to your bed or spawn point and take advantage of the easy buff.
      • The crystal ball can be purchased from the NPC helper for 10 gold.
  • Cobalt Armor (set)
    • Cobalt Armor is the only set you can find early in Hardmode that offers reduced mana usage, at 14%. Cobalt armor is also reasonable for warrior and ranger builds, so don’t be surprised if everyone in the world wears the same gear until all three mech bosses are downed.

Prelunar Helper Build Guide

Gamepur screenshot

Countless horrors have risen and fallen at the hands of your staff. Now your objective is to kill the gods themselves, and you will need the arsenal of magical energy to do so. With a ferocious arsenal of DoTs, Debuffs, and homing projectiles, you could give this build a try.

  • Betsy’s cousin
    • A staff that shoots fireballs in groups of three, allowing it to deal heavy damage to large single targets and monsters. With a fast cast time, 100 damage, and a nasty debuff called Betsy’s Curse Removing 40 armor from any enemy hit, Betsy’s Wrath is criminally overlooked by most wizards.
      • Abandoned by Betsy during the invasion of the Elder Army.
  • Everglade Aerosol
    • An upgrade from Golden Shower, Everglade Spray retains its Honduras debuff and gain a new one called fucking hell, which increases all damage taken by an enemy hit by 20% and also acts as a heavy DOT. This weapon is almost necessary for many late-game boss fights, thanks to its ability to trivialize even the most heavily armored enemies. Reforge it to Mythic for the best stats.
      • golden bath
      • cursed flames
      • Perennial Bar (x3)
  • laser gatling
    • Sometimes you have to put the magic trinkets aside and just shoot something in the face. The Gatling Laser is a mana-based rapid-fire rifle that not only shreds enemies, but also provides the 1.5 second debuff. In flames! which acts as a DoT. Combining this weapon with Everglade Spray and Betsy’s Wrath debuffs is a nasty combination that can trivialize many bosses, if you have the movement skills to dodge the hell of incoming bullets.
      • Deciphered diagram of the Jungle Bio-center Lab.
      • Mysterious Circuit (x15)
      • Doubtful Coating (x15)
      • Life Alloy (x5)
      • Infected Armor (x5)
  • Hydrothermal Armor (mage set)
    • Hydrothermal armor comes in five different variants for different classes, but the mage skin (with the hydrothermal mask) is a decent buff, providing 5% more magic damage and 15% less magic spend.
      • Heart of Chaos (x6)
      • Hellstone Bars (x17)
      • Slag bars (x32)
  • A Sign of Calamity
    • This accessory provides a 15% increase in magic damage, an additional 100 mana, and a 10% reduction in mana usage. This jewel, once obtained, should be a permanent item in any notable wizard’s arsenal.
      • celestial emblem
      • Ashes of Calamity (x5)
      • Chaos Core (x5)
      • Slag Bar (x2)
      • Evil Water (x10, Crimson or Corruption is suitable for this)


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