Advancing in Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t just give you access to additional quests and items, but you’ll unlock the ability to use more powerful spells. You can learn a variety of spells while studying at Hogwarts, and some of them work best together during combat. Unfortunately, each charge you use gives you access to four different spells, limiting your combinations. This guide covers the best spell combos you can use in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Five Best Spell Combinations to Use in Hogwarts Legacy

Depulso, Glacius, Expelliarmus and Bombarda

Depulso is a great spell for pushing an opponent away from you or if you want to throw them into a group of enemies. You can combine this with Glacius to freeze them in place, hit them with Bombarda to detonate them, or have it hit multiple nearby enemies. Of course, Expelliarus will still be a good spell to focus on a single target, preventing them from using their weapon, and you can fire a Depulso so that’s not a problem.

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Accio, Fire, Levioso and Flipendo

If you plan on using Fire, it’s almost always a good idea to make sure you have Accio. He can quickly pull in his targeted target and hit them with a powerful attack. However, if you plan on hitting multiple enemies, the Levioso spell, when enhanced, can send multiple enemies flying through the air, making it an easy target for fire. Finally, Flipendo is a solid Force spell that you can use if you have lingering enemies in the air after casting Levioso. It takes them several seconds to recover from these effects.

Arrest Momentum, Accio, Diffindo and Confringo

For this next set of spells, we’ll be focusing on using Momentum Arrest, a spell that causes an enemy to freeze or move extremely slowly. It’s a good way to lock a character in place and then you can Confringo on it, especially if you want to maximize fire damage. If you want to bring a target closer to you, Accio is a good way to move it forward, then Diffindo is a powerful slash you use on any nearby target.

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Transformation, Levioso, Descendo and Bombarda

If you’re looking to throw targets in a fight, transforming is a good way to turn an enemy into a throwable item. For those who want to set up deadly combinations, you can launch a target into the air using Levioso, hit it with Descendo, then launch another enemy at it using Transform. We recommend capping this off with Bombarda and landing heavily on its targets.

Crucio, Diffindo, Accio and Glacius

The final combination also takes advantage of the Unforgivable Curse, Crucio. This is a damage over time attack that also marks an enemy with a curse, causing them to take more damage. You can use it on a target and then hit it with Diffindo or Glacius, dealing more damage. You can also pull in a target you hit Crucio using the Accio spell and follow up with your favorite attack combinations. These options are relatively fluid, giving you plenty of options and potentially swapping out Crucio for the Imperio Curse.

Spell Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy

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