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The Animal World of The Witcher 3 becomes more Realistic thanks to a New Mod

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The last big addon for The Witcher 3 appeared in 2016. However, that does not mean that the role-playing game lies idle: Many fans keep up with the witcher Geralt’s last adventure for the time being numerous mods alive. One of them now graphically reworks the wildlife of Wild Hunt.

More realistic fauna for The Witcher 3

With an almost one gigabyte mod called “HDAR – HD Animals Reworked”, the modder Denroth has given all animals in the main game and the two addons Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine a graphic overhaul.

The goal of the mod: According to the modder, the textures of many animals in The Witcher 3 are “very poor quality.” He now wants to change that himself with his project. However, since many of the living beings flee before you can even take a closer look at them, he focuses primarily on those that you can really look at in detail.

Early phase: Denroth explains that the mod is currently still in an early phase. That means he is still planning updates to further refine and adjust the textures. The compatibility with other mods should also be improved.

Installation of Mod

  • Download the mod

  • Creates a folder called “Mods” in the Witcher 3 installation directory
  • Extract the mod archive into this folder
  • Starts Witcher 3

Better graphics for The Witcher 3

The advantage of »HDAR – HD Animals Reworked« is that the mod really only changes the textures of the animals, but nothing more. This is how she is compatible with most other mods. There are larger reworks such as The Witcher 3 HD Reworked, which will soon have a NextGen version. However, since these are more extensive, they can also quickly cannibalize themselves with other mods.


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There are also fan extensions that focus less on the graphics and more the gameplay. Shades of Iron adds almost 200 new enemies, weapons and armor to the title around witcher Geralt. This makes the game much more varied.


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