Xbox consoles have always been home to great racing and sports games. The year 2021 was no exception to the rule. Lovers of chrono, dunks and home runs were able to enjoy this year.

And this can be explained by the return of a much appreciated license, and also by the arrival for the very first time in Xbox history of a franchise developed by a studio owned by… Sony.

Playground Games has been hosting the Horizons Festivals for almost ten years, those events where pilots from all over the world meet in different countries to compete in fast-paced races.

With Forza Horizon 5, the British developer manages to make the Horizon formula even more shiny. Mexico is a great playground, the content is gargantuan and the graphics are beautiful. Yes, it’s the festival of the decade.

NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 propels the player into the NBA. So far, nothing surprising. What’s more amazing are the super short load times, the welcome new animations, the excellent career mode, and the gorgeous graphics on next-gen. There is something to feast on both on the sensations, the content and the sound environment. Could this be the benchmark episode of the series? We believe so.

Codemasters F

The Codemasters F1 series succeeds in delivering content that deserves the top spot on the podium. Indeed, the software includes a new story, two new game modes including a career mode playable with 2 players, as well as other novelties. As always, the sensations on the track are beyond reproach whether it’s on Xbox One or Xbox Series X. It’s fast and beautiful on some tracks when the lighting is optimal. While Technically F1 2021 can do even better, the rest are top notch.

WRC Series

Known for being a demanding off-road simulation, the WRC series is celebrating 50 years of competition this year. In order not to arrive at the birthday party with his hands in his pockets, Kylotonn offers content to match the event with 6 historic rallies, 4 unseen, 120 specials and 52 official teams. As a result, it becomes the most complete WRC game in terms of official licenses. For the rest, we will summarize by saying that there is something to take a real pleasure in terms of the sensations of the game, especially since the scenery is total on some stages.

MLB The Show 21

Unbelievable destiny that of MLB The Show 21. Developed by a studio owned by Sony, it is released on an Xbox console under pressure from MLB. Results ? Not only the title arrived on the American machine on the day of its release, but in addition the latter integrated the Game Pass in “day one”. Millions of Xbox players have been able to discover this edition for the price of an annual subscription. For the rest, the Sony San Diego software does not revolutionize its formula but improves it in depth. It’s not a strike-out, but it’s still very well done.

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