Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X have a Blu-ray drive. This is not only used to install games, it is also possible to watch films in 4K over it. And here the PS5 delivers a better result according to the HDTV test.

PS5 offers better movie experience than Xbox Series X

The Playstation 5 (buy now ) outputs images in 12bit YCBCR444. The output of the Xbox is 10bit RGB. This enables colors of higher frequencies on Sony’s console. As a result, the images on the Xbox Series X are not quite as bright and clear as on the PS5. Sony also manages the color transitions a little better than Microsoft. Also, the PS5 can play Blu-ray discs with 24fps content more accurately. The Xbox Series X skips frames here, as it plays the films at 23.976fps. This results in a little stuttering when playing the films.

According to the HDTV test, these differences should hardly have any effect in regular operation. If you don’t really pay close attention to it, you won’t be disappointed either with the colors or the playback of the films themselves. Cinema buffs, on the other hand, who really want to pay attention to every little detail and enjoy a perfect movie experience, will be happier with the playback of the discs on the PS5. But these people probably prefer to use a high-end player anyway.

Have you already watched movies on the PS5 or Xbox Series X? Can you confirm the test results of HDTVTest? Or do you care that Microsoft’s console delivers a slightly weaker result in terms of Blu-ray playback than the PS5? Let us know in the comments.

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