Continuing the development of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, Nacom has announced that it will delay the game until 2023, in addition to this, They will cancel the Xbox One and PS4 version due to possible development problems. The purpose of this delay will be mainly for quality reasons, while focusing on launching their closest project WRC Generations.

This racing game was projected to be released on all platforms, apparently, the accumulation of work and the difficulty of developing on more than 4 platforms at the same time complicates the processes. For this reason, they have decided to leave aside the old versions, as they comment:

Finally, in order to take full advantage of the technology of the latest consoles and maximize the overall quality of the game, Nacon has decided to stop developing Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will have several closed betas this year

In the announcement they also wanted to make it clear that quality was the most important thing, in this way, several closed betas will be released in order to receive feedback and implement the necessary improvements in the project.

Since its announcement in 2020 we have received few updates on it, it is not surprising that this is their future project since they passed one of their most valuable licenses to Codemasters. Nacom’s future seems to lean towards Test DriveThus, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown would be on its way to being the main and quality franchise, as we could see in one of its most recent trailers.

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