The first chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online sends you to the volcanic island of Vvardenfell, where, in addition to a new class and the dewy PvP battlefields, lots of quests and secrets await you.

We spent about 60 hours in the new zone after the launch and in the process we found the 18 Sky Shards that are scattered all over Vvardenfell.

If you pick up three of these shards, you will receive an additional skill point, which you can put into new attacks, passive buffs or your handicrafts. So that you don’t have to search for the 18 shards of Morrowind as laboriously as we did, we will tell you below where you can find the crystals.

TESO: Morrowind – the 18 Sky Shards from Vvardenfell

In the following we will tell you where you can find the 18 sky shards from TESO: Morrowind. When it comes to the order, we stick to the specifications from the in-game diary.

1. At a small shrine where the road forks – travel to Shrine of Molag Nar and then move on the near one Road north.

2. On an island facing the sea of ​​spirits – travel to Sadrith Mora and then ride to the island north of the city.

3. On a Dwemer rock nose over a lava river – the sky shard is north of the Wegschreins Nchuleftingth

4. On a tongue of rock above a gruesome scene – go to Island northeast of the Hanud Tower, in the east is a great way to enter the island and reach the Sky Shard without fighting.

5. In a hollow stump in the moor area – you can find the stump near a tower between the Molag Mar and Tel Branora shrines.

6. Withheld by customs and stored in the courtyard – travel to Shrine of Seyda Neenwho have favourited Shard is in the governor’s office backyard.

7. In a stump on the north bank of Lake Amaya – you will find the lake west of the Way Shrine of Suran.

8. In the heart of crumbling Daedric ruins – with that they are Ashalmimilkala ruins meant on the west coast. Tip: The stairs that lead to the shard can be easily reached from the southern water.

9. On an alluvial rock in a lava flow – you can find the shard south of Valenvaryon.

10. Under the Dwemer Bridge – you will find the huge bridge north of Gnisis, so travel to the corresponding path shrine.

11. On a treacherous path over a sea of ​​fire – the shard can be found in the open dungeon Nchuleftingth, in a dead end, which you reach on one of the higher levels of the dungeon.

12. On a cart full of piled stones that was parked in an unsafe place – which is an unsafe place The unsafe wasteland, the open dungeon in the north of the island. You can find the shard in the Kogoruhn caverns.

13. Embedded in glittering treasures in the place where the red crystals glow – you can find the place in the Khartagspitz vault, The shard is in a dead end that you can enter from the east.

14. Hidden deep inside a shrine in honor of the Lord of Corruption – you can find the shrine in the Ashalmawia vault, in a southern chamber.

15. Where cliff-striders bask beneath golden rays in their burrow – the burrow answers to the name Zainsipilu and is a vault and the shard can be found in the northeastern cave area, which you can reach via a passage under a waterfall.

16. On a small island in the underground lake – which is in the Matus-Akin egg mine is located.

17. In the cozy hiding place of a bandit – you can find the hiding place in the Vault crowd, in the center of the cave.

18. In the deepest depths of an underground Dwemer ruin – the ruin goes by the name Nchuleft and is west of the Tel Mora Shrine. You can actually find the shard on the “ground floor” near the lava.

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