With its release in final version, perhaps you have plans to get into Temtem, the most famous Pokémon like. So, to help you, we are going to give you 10 tips here to be able to get started in the best conditions.

Know the starters

The very first choice you have to make in Temtem is obviously that of your starter. You will then have three possibilities, as is the case with Pokémon: Smazee the fighting monkey, Crystle the crystal turtle or Houchic the little demon.

Each of these Temtem has its strengths and weaknesses and you will have to make your choice depending on the style of play you want to adopt. Thereby, Crystle, for example, is a Temtem tank that has great resistance to physical damage.

For his part Smazee and Houchic do not have a lot of resistance and it is better to finish the fight quickly. That’s pretty good because both are specialized in inflicting damage. For Smazee it’s physical damage and for Houchic magic damage.

Understand the different types

As you know Temtem is what is called a Pokemon like. Understand by this that the game broadly resumes the mechanics of it. However, there is a very important mechanism in Pokémon, it is that of the types and it also exists on Temtem.

In total, there are twelve different types in Temtem: Fist, Crystal, Digital, Water, Electric, Fire, Mental, Nature, Neutral, Earth, Toxic, and Wind. But as often, things are not as easy as that since some Temtem will have two types at the same time!

Each type will then have strengths and weaknesses. in front of other types and before you start fighting, it is better to master this aspect. So, to help you, we suggest you look at the table below which sums it all up!

Having Temtem is good, but precisely, how are you going to have to go about capturing them again? Well, the first step is to go to a store where you can buy Temcards, which are basically the game’s Pokéballs.

The good news is that unlike Pokémon where the price of Pokéball can be quite substantial at the start of the game, this is not the case on Temtem where you can quickly build up a very large stock of Temcards and therefore be able to capture many creatures.

As for the capture itself, here again we remain on something very classic. The goal will be to reduce the HP of the Temtem in front of you to the maximum to weaken it and throw a Temcard. The lower the HP and the lower the enemy affected by a status, the greater the probability of capture.

The course of the battles

When we talk about combat in Temtem, it must be understood that depending on the type of combat you are going to do, the rules will not necessarily be the same. For instance, you can have 2v2, but also 2v1 and finally 1v1. However most of the time, it will remain 2v2.

Then, the interface should not necessarily disturb you, even if inevitably, there are some small specificities with respect to Pokémon. Finally, be aware that there are also competitive modes on Temtem with rules that are a bit special for the occasion.

In these so-called competitive battles, we will have the right to 2v2, but each player must choose 10 Temtem. A ban system will then allow each player to remove the opponent’s Temtem one by one until he only has 4 left for the fight.

Endurance management

One of the rather special points of combat in Temtem is the management of stamina. Indeed, on Pokémon, we have Skill Points that limit the use of each skill. Well here, the system is different and is based on endurance.

It’s a stat that every Temtem has and every time a skill is used, it taps into the stamina capital. If you ever want to cast a skill that costs more points than you have, your Temtem goes into overdrive and loses some of its HP.

To regain stamina points, however, you can decide to take a break during your Temtem’s turn, which will generate his stamina bar a bit. It is therefore important data to take into account, especially at the start of your adventure.

Master bonuses and penalties

In addition to endurance management, you will also have to manage the bonuses/penalties that can affect your Temtem during your fights and above all understand what they can inflict to be able to adapt your strategy around all that.

So, to help you, we are going to give you here the list of all the bonuses/maluses that it is possible to inflict on your Temtem, as well as a short description of their effect:

  • Frozen: Twice this status turns it into frozen
  • Frozen: Can no longer attack
  • Asleep: Can no longer attack, wakes up after taking damage
  • Trapped: Cannot flee
  • Poisoned: Loses 1/8th of his HP each turn
  • Burned: Loses 1/16th of his life each turn and reduces normal attack and spec by 30%
  • Exhausted: Stamina costs increased by 50%
  • Isolated: Synergies are no longer usable
  • Stealth: The Temtem dodges the next attack.
  • Immune: Immunity to negative status effects
  • Cursed: When the counter drops to 0 the Temtem is KO
  • Regenerated: Recovers 1/16th of his HP each turn
  • Invigorated: Decreases stamina cost by 50%
  • Attentive: The Temtem can no longer fall asleep
  • Powerless: Held item no longer works
  • Synergy Attacks

Finally, to finish on the advice on the fight itself, we will have to address the theme of synergy attacks. As we told you, most fights on Temtem, they are going to take place in a format which is 2v2.

However, the skills that you will be able to use in these fights, they have precisely been designed specifically for 2v2 and we thus arrive at an extremely important mechanism on Temtem, that of synergy attacks. Here, the idea is simple.

You have your basic ability, but if ever the Temtem next to you is a particular type, well your attack, it will become even more powerful. Preparing your fights well according to the synergy is therefore crucial!

What is a Luma?

In Pokémon, there is an activity that is extremely important for many players, and that is hunting for shiny Pokémon that are of a different color and have a very low spawn rate. Well, on Temtem there is a similar system, that of the Luma.

Indeed on Temtem, the Lumas will also be of a different color than their normal counterpart, with additional particle effects. In addition, the spawn rate is also very low since it is 1 chance in 7,5000 to come across one during a meeting.

However, there is a way to increase these chance rates and this involves obtaining radars (limited to 3 per week). Then make capture chains and when you have a chain of 200, you will have a chance in 750 to come across a Luma. Be careful all the same to keep in mind that after 300 encounters the radar breaks.


We told you in one of the previous tips that one of the big positive points of Temtem was the fact that the Temcards that allow you to capture creatures are sold very inexpensively. Well, LiberTem is one of the reasons for this.

The principle of this organization is simple, release the Temtem from their capture and when you bring them some to set them free, well they reward you with some money. The more prestigious the Temtem, the better the reward.

Therefore, if you need to farm the Pansols which are the currency of the game at some point in your adventure, we advise you to take a serious look at the LiberTem which is likely to quickly become your favorite way of farming in terms of money.

The reproduction

For this last theme, we are going to focus on a point that you will encounter a little later in the Temtem, but that you must understand if you ever want to be able to use it effectively when you are able to do so, reproduction.

The basics for two Temtem to breed are as follows. Each of these Temtem must have at least one fertility point. Both must be of different sex and must have at least one coimmune type. If all is good on this side, go to the breeding center in Omninesia.

If the two Temtem are different, be aware that the one that will be born will be of the same type as the mother. As for the CPs, the newborn will have a 40% chance of having the highest stat from the parents40% chance of having the average and 20% of having the lowest.

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