Over 7 years after the initial release of Tekken 7, players are still awaiting an announcement regarding the eighth installment. There are rumors that the presentation could happen this year but until then, it’s not another way that fans will be able to quench their thirst for content.

A series of 3D fighting games, Tekken was born in 1994 on an arcade machine before quickly being adapted for the PlayStation. It is truly with the third opus that the popularity of Namco’s license explodes with the general public, who continue to respond.

Power is everything

As usual, Tekken’s story revolves around a big tournament, in which the different characters participate. In the case of Tekken, it is the King of Iron Fist Tournament, organized by the Mishima family in order to test the power of Jin Kazuya, who inherited a demonic gene. Trained by his mother before being manipulated by his grandfather Heihachi who wishes to use his demonic power, Jin will be at the heart of an animated series which should come out by the end of the year on Netflix.

Because yes, pending the announcement of a possible Tekken 8the license will for the first time be adapted in series under the title Tekken: Bloodline. The series, which only revealed neither its release date nor its number of episodes, nor the studio that brings it to life, will chronicle Jin’s tragic fate, from the Ogre attack to the first King of Iron Fist Tournament. The animated series will also be an opportunity to carry out adding elements to the storysince the first teaser allows us to see Leroy Smith who only first appeared in Tekken 7. He will at least be accompanied by Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, King, Jun Kazama (Jin’s mother), Paul Phoenix, and Ogre.

“Power, that’s the only real thing.” Despite the teachings of his mother, who taught him traditional martial arts in true Kazama style from an early age, Jin Kazama was unable to stop a demonic being from destroying everything he held dear. changing his life forever. Furious with himself, Jin has sworn revenge and seeks absolute power to achieve his ends. His epic will lead him to the ultimate fight on a world arena: the King of Iron Fist Tournament, can we read in the synopsis.

Tekken Bloodline: in line with previous adaptations?

This is not the first time that Tekken will be adapted, since we have already had the right to an FVO in 1998, Tekken : The Motion Picture, a live-action film in 2010to an animated film in 2011, Tekken : Blood Vengeance and a live-action prequel to the film in 2014. Suffice to say that the films did not enter the pantheon, but the OAVs as well as the animated film were received with more indulgence. We will have to be patient, but we hope to quickly find out who is behind this animated series, have a release date, and check whether or not the voice cast of the games will be there!

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