After the dissolution of SIE Japan Studio was confirmed, Sony confirmed that the Team ASOBI studio would be born , the studio that carries the most Japanese creative style of PlayStation Studios. After 1 year of its revelation, the studio opened its doors to allow its fans to take a look at its brand new office and learn about its work philosophy.

Through a video, Team ASOBI revealed some sections of their offices located in Tokyo, Japan. We remind you that it is one of the 2 Japanese PlayStation studios (the other is Polyphony Digital).

Team ASOBI has been officially in existence for 1 year , so they took the opportunity to share more about their mindset as a creative studio and used the video to let their lead developers express their opinion of what it’s like to be part of the studio.

Team ASOBI will not follow a custom of Japanese work culture

In the video it is not only possible to see the great facilities of the offices located in the heart of Japan, including very nice figures of their mascot Astro Bot and prestigious awards from BAFTA and The Game Awards, but also recreation areas that look very friendly. and comfortable.

The most interesting thing is that the members of the study mention that they do not follow one of the most ingrained practices of the Japanese work culture, precisely the work of overtime.

It is very common for companies to demand overtime or for employees to work longer voluntarily, but in Team ASOBI it will be different, since there is a clear vision of the balance between personal and work life of employees, which ensures that they feel happy going to work and creating video games without eventually reaching exhaustion. With this, then, crunch plans would be excluded.

“Team ASOBI is a collective of passionate video game creators of various nationalities, ages, genders and backgrounds. We come together because of our love of ‘Play’ in all its forms. We value fun, innovation and attention to detail. We are curious and “We are always looking to improve our skills. Last but not least, we believe in good work-life balance and happy workplace,” the studio said.

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