Super Smash Bros: Ninja wanted a $ 500,000 tournament, but Nintendo turned it down

Super Smash Bros: Ninja wanted a $ 500,000 tournament, but Nintendo turned it down

Here are the words of Ninja

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will not appear at the famous fighting games event EVO this year, and it will be missed by both gamers and streamers. Even big names like Ninja they wanted to see him make that happen, but his proposal was not accepted by Nintendo.

The news broke out during a poker game with several streamers on the channel YouTube Hustler Casino Live. After nearly six hours, Ludwig he asked Ninja when it would help the Smash Bros. “I wanted to squeeze EVO for 500K type”was his response. “I wanted to get permission from Nintendo, and they ghosted us. It was Nintendo’s fault, not mine “. Nintendo she is not obligated to work with Ninja by no means, but it is strange that I have completely ignored a influencer so big in the gaming world.

The absence of Super Smash Bros

The reason is most likely the new partnership of Nintendo con Panda Global. Announced last fall, the collaboration will bring the first circuit of Super Smash Bros. officially licensed in Nord America. We don’t know when the EVO from Ninja has been sent to Nintendo but the plan appears to have taken precedence.

The same Smash Ultimate received the latest changes to the fighters in the update 13.0.01 last December. The future of the series hangs in the balance, given that the designer Masahiro Sakurai he is undecided whether to produce another one. At the very least, he stated that the series must stop depending so much on him.

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