Super Mario Bros The Movie: the trailer in VF is out, to see here!

Super Mario Bros The Movie: the trailer in VF is out, to see here!

It is a real event. After many years of teasing, things are finally beginning to materialize for Super Mario Bros The Movie, a real animated film dedicated to the most famous character in video games. And the trailer in VF has just dropped…

Stars to collect the stars

If Mario is not mute in video games, we cannot really say that he is talkative: we hear him say the same sentences over and over, always in the same high tone signed Charles Martinet. Absolutely cult gimmicks that we will probably never get away from: as much to say that with the announcement of the film in synthetic images produced by Universal in association with Nintendo, the announcement of Chris Pratt in the title role had something to intrigue.

But it’s a fact: in the very first trailer delivered last night to much fanfare, our mustachioed plumber… speaks. Normally. And besides, all the other characters too. Rather logical for a feature film, you will say, but it is quite a shock in the world of pop culture: Anya Taylor-Joy will play Princess Peach, Jack Black will be Bowser, Seth Roger will be Donkey Kong, Charlie Day will lend his voice to Luigi… In short, a five-star cast.

It’s me Mario !

The film being planned for a bunch of cinemas around the world, it was necessary to have versions adapted to each country: this is how Universal France released the same trailer, but in VF, confirming in passing the title of “Super Mario Bros Le Film” (against The Super Mario Bros.: Movie for our English-speaking friends).

This is to be found above since for the first time, we see the Italian, Bowser or even Toad speak French. Note that for Mario, his voice seems closer to that of the video game character, something that our English neighbors apparently envy.

The French dubbing actors would thus be Pierre Tessier (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) for mario, Emmanuel Garijo (Chris Pine, Liam Hemsworth) for Toad, Donald Reignoux (Andrew Garfield, Titeuf and so many others!) pour Kamek, Pierre Tessier (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) for mario, Christopher Lemoine (Jack Black, Jonah Hill, but also Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 or Cartman in South Parc) pour Bowser.

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