Super Mario 3D World: Walkthrough - All Green Stars, General Tips and More

Super Mario 3D World: Walkthrough – All Green Stars, General Tips and More

Super Mario 3D World complete solution, including tips on all green stars, tips for beginners as well as a guide to collecting coins and more. Our solution for the Super Mario adventure offers all information about the locations of the coveted collectibles.

The game is now available as a remake for Nintendo Switch. The original of this article is from the Wii U version. We explain the characteristics of each character in Super Mario 3D World.

The original was released on Nov 29 2013 exclusively for Nintendo’s home console Wii U. From February 12, 2021, you can get the game, including the Bowser’s Fury expansion, for the Switch.

Below the table of contents, on the first page of this Super Mario 3D World complete solution, we offer you general tips for adventure. For all green stars of all worlds you navigate to the corresponding sub-pages of our solution via the table of contents. We also recommend our review of Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch. We have already told you in a separate tips article how you can earn infinite extra lives in Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough – General Tips

Our complete solution for Super Mario 3D World, we will first give you general tips.

Collect 1-ups quickly:

In world 3-4 “Panic in Pastel” there is a block shortly before the flagpole that apparently contains an infinite number of coins. Make your way to this block as soon as possible and you can spend almost all of your remaining time collecting coins. Fast players are able to take two to three bonus lives in less than 100 seconds. We’ll also tell you in a tip for Super Mario 3D World, how you can live infinitely in Super Mario 3D World.

World 3-6 “Mountain Pass Sprint” is also a level that is very difficult to get out of and a lot of coins are distributed along the route. In addition, you can find a coin block directly after the checkpoint, which disguises itself as a normal brown block. If you jump against him several times, he will stick to you and start to spit out a coin every second. Paired with the many coins in the rest of the level, you can get two to three extra lives per round.

The Level 5-1 “Sunburn on the Tropical Beach” also offers many coins and few dangerous obstacles. The beach area in particular allows you to collect lots of coins quickly. The golden turtle shell, which is hidden in one of the gumba sand figures at the end of the beach, is particularly great. If you kick him away, he’ll start spitting out one coin after the other.

The golden train:

Bowser’s golden train offers a unique chance for many extra lives. A bonus level that you can reach after successfully completing the fifth world. Southwest of the castle of world 5 there is a small pile of stones that you can turn into a warp tube with the A key. On the following island you can activate two more tubes. The lower tube brings you back to the first world and the upper one to the bonus level. This level is full of gold coins, coin stacks, coin blocks and golden turtle shell. Every full stack of coins brings you a whopping 100 coins! It is therefore no problem to finish this level with more than eight bonus lives.

The four characters:

Mario: Is a very balanced and easily controllable character with whom you can’t go wrong. It can actually be used in any situation, but it shines especially when precise jumps are required or if you are not familiar with the following section.

Luigi: Due to his flutter jump, Luigi can jump higher and further than the others. Therefore, it is ideal for vertical levels and sections where you have to overcome large chasms or obstacles. Make sure that its larger jump height makes it difficult to land precisely on small platforms, as you can no longer see its shadow.

Toad: Despite his short legs, the little mushroom man is the fastest runner of the four heroes. Especially in levels where the clock is the worst enemy, it shows what it’s made of. Due to its high speed, however, it is less suitable for passages in which you have to balance over narrow bridges.

Peach: Thanks to her skirt, the princess can float in the air for a short time. This gives you more control during the jumps as you have more time to navigate to where you want to land. This makes Peach interesting in those levels where tricky jumps on small platforms are required.

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