Studio Trigger Reveals New Look at Gridman Universe’s Mecha Robots

Studio Trigger Reveals New Look at Gridman Universe’s Mecha Robots

One more time studio trigger surprises us with a new opus, the Gridman Universe film that Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions created and now they are gearing up to hit theaters overseas later this year.

This new trailer teases what fans can expect to see in this giant crossover with a new trailer and a new poster giving us a fresh look at SSSS.Gridman there SSSS.Dynanzenonand it is that as previously announced, fans of both franchises would soon have the opportunity to see the anime again with a new special project that would bring together all the characters.

This new film promises a massive new threat that characters from both series have had to face. The story behind this massive crossover has yet to be revealed, but it won’t be long before we get to see it all in action. Gridman Universe is now set for a March 24 release in Japan, and the latest poster teaser, cast crossover, and a new form of Gridman are following the film’s official Twitter account.

No international plans for Gridman Universe have been revealed so far, but you can currently catch up on SSSS.Gridman and SSSS.Dynazenon on Crunchyroll. What’s official is that Gridman Universe will feature a returning cast and staff from both TV series with Akira Amemiya who also returned to direct the new film for Studio Trigger.

Among the returning actors, Keiichi Hasegawa is returning to write the script for the new film, Masaru Sakamoto is returning to create the new character designs, and Shiro Sagisu is returning as the work’s composer.

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