Street Fighter 6: Character creation goes into a spin, discover the monstrous fighters of the players!

Street Fighter 6: Character creation goes into a spin, discover the monstrous fighters of the players!

Before the official release of the game, Street Fighter 6 let itself approach the time of a closed beta, in order to allow Capcom to test the stability of its future title. But what retained during the weekend, it is not the fights, but rather the character creation menu.

As the clashes go on between the lucky lucky winners of the closed beta of Street Fighter 6, they have shared some of their avatar creations. And as you might expect, they pushed the design possibilities of their future fluff-givers to the extreme limits. The capabilities of the creative menu are pretty mind-blowing, to say the least, to say the least. The Japanese publisher offers multiple options and it was enough for little jokers to start imagining deformed, colorful, even downright creepy individuals at times. We imagine what it can give online, when some will not hesitate to destabilize their opponents at the mere sight of their creation.

SF6: Distorted, creepy, horrible characters!

Defying all the rules of anatomy for certain creations, these have been popped throughout the weekend on the Internet and social networks for totally mind-blowing results! We thus find ourselves with very small and extremely imposing characters, very tall protagonists, very thin in size but extremely bodybuilt, even faces that the (false) scientists of the autopsy of the creature would not have denied. of Roswell. On the net, it’s a festival of nonsense and virtual individuals. See instead…

The question that we can ask ourselves now, given the ignominies that we have seen during the week, is if Capcom will leave its character editor as is for the release of the game.

Brent Dubin
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