Steam Summer Festival: The Date for the next Demo Event has been set

Steam Summer Festival: The Date for next Demo Event has been set

The last Steam Game Festival took place in February 2021, now Valve is already announcing an exact date for the next one. The summer festival will start in June.

How extensive it will be this time is not yet known.

How is the Steam Summer Festival 2021 going?

  • Start: June 16, 2021, 7 p.m.
  • The End: June 22, 2021, 7 p.m.

In the course of the event you can try out numerous previously unreleased games. Whether you can still play the demos after the summer festival is over is the decision of the respective developer. Many choose to remove the trial version.

What games will we see? The developers can register for the festival until April 14th. As a result, it is still unknown what exactly will be at the festival. However, the games shown must appear between June 22nd and January 2022.

In addition, they must not have participated in the Autumn Festival 2020 or Winter Festival 2021. Games already published in Early Access are also excluded.

Is there more? As part of the event you will also have the chance to chat with the developers and watch live streams of their titles to learn more about the games.

How did the festival come about?

The Game Festival was launched in 2019 by industry insider and Game Awards host Geoff Keighley. He wanted to enable players to take part in E3 or gamescom branded events, even if they cannot attend the trade fair.

Shallow beginning: The beginning was hardly spectacular. The first festival in 2019 featured 13 games. In the spring that followed, however, the offer increased to 40 titles.

In summer 2020 and autumn 2020 there was again an extensive selection of over 900 games. At the first festival in 2021, however, the offer decreased somewhat with ‘only’ more than 500 demos.

How did Steam get this far?

Originally there was only Counter-Strike on Steam and a little later there were other in-house titles from Valve such as Half-Life 2. Gradually, however, they also let other developers into the store. Still We do have so many games on steam nowadays, according to Valve itself, a change in course of the Steam operator is to be owed.

The platform is also developing regularly. There will be further changes in 2021. While the team behind Steam is keeping a low profile, there are still some indications of where the journey will go.

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