Valve is back to face the future of Steam Deck. Through a recent interview with IGN, its creators have in fact discussed mainly two aspects related to the near future of the platform: the possibility of one Steam Deck Slim and how its dock development is going.

The future of Steam Deck

Speaking of the dock, one of the most awaited news by fans of the Steam Deck, which would expand its connection possibilities, it was said that it was postponed to June this year due to supply problems for its components. The designer of Steam Deck Lawrence Yang he confirmed that the team is managing to overcome these problems and will make an announcement about it very soon.

Referring instead to the first question, Valve expressed opinions related to the possible realization of a version plus light and compact console. A kind of console Slimhe claims Valve, which would theoretically be possible, but you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. According to the team’s engineers, in fact, diminishing the size of the hardware would most likely also affect battery life.

During the interview, Valve’s engineering team said they are also working hard to get the Windows on the handheld console. This will become possible following a review of the architecture of SteamOS currently specifically designed for Steam Deck.

Verified Steam Deck Titles

We remind you that not so long ago, Valve shared a new updated list of games cataloged as “playable”, con Monster Hunter Rise, Persona 4 Golden, Yakuza and others included in the list. In total there are are 22 new titles.

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