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Gameplay Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – 60fps lands on PS5

Available for a few days, the PS5 patch for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order brings some additions to improve the overall experience.

First thing, the framerate. Caped at 45 fps on PS4, this PS5 patch brings it to 60 fps. Without surprises, this addition brings a better feeling, whether during the exploration phases or the combat. Resolution level, if the Xbox Series X version benefits from 4K, the PS5 version will have to “be content” with increased post-processing to 1440p. Note that dynamic resolution has been deactivated and that the game is now displayed in 1200p (compared to 810 to 1080p on PS4). However, there are still some late appearances of textures as well as some micro slowdowns.

Anyway, the respawn title is always a safe bet. If you haven’t been able to touch it yet, we can only encourage you to give it a try since we’ve been holding one of the best Solo games dedicated to the franchise for many years now, waiting for a sequel that we have. imagine, should soon be officialized.

By Logan, Journalist


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