Squad: New 2.0 Update for the Military Shooter is Huge

Squad: New 2.0 Update for the Military Shooter is Huge

Among other things, Squad brings a new snow map in the major 2.0 update.
Among other things, Squad brings a new snow map in the major 2.0 update.

Squad continues to receive major updates from the developer even after the release. Offworld Industries has now released the major 2.0 patch, which, in addition to a new map and additional weapons, has a number of improvements in its luggage.

Spread out on a Word document, the update comprises a whopping 39 pages of patch notes.

So that you can keep track of things, we run here the most important innovations for you.

New weapons and vehicles

Four new weapons across multiple factions find their way into Squad.

  • The insurgents received a Mosin-Nagant carbine and an RPD machine gun.
  • The Russian faction gets a new heavy bazooka with the RPG-28.
  • The British also received a heavy anti-tank gun with the NLAW.
  • In addition, Canadian variants of various weapons and modifications were integrated into Squad.

Genre fans should already know the Mosin-Nagant from other hardcore shooters such as Hunt: Showdown or Escape from Tarkov.

Update 2.0 also adds five new vehicles to Squad, mostly for the British faction. For example, a new off-road scout vehicle, an armored jeep and a transport helicopter are available.

New map: Goose Bay

The new map replaces Nanisivik and brings a snow-covered Canadian area as a new battlefield. Infantry, vehicles and aircraft are used in Goose Bay. The map is dominated by a large Canadian Air Force military base.

Lots of gameplay and graphics improvements

Patch 2.0 for Squad continues to work on the graphics of the military shooter. For example, the shaders of almost all target optics have been revised. In addition, new rendering options are now available in the settings.

The HAB base was provided with a timer to support a more planned approach. In addition, Offworld Industries is making numerous improvements to the controls and physics of the helicopters.

Performance and network optimization

Offworld Industries continues to work on buffing Squad as smoothly as possible. For example, network optimization should ensure that vehicles and helicopters fit in more cleanly and that soldiers move more smoothly.

In addition, numerous levers have been turned to optimize the system in order to achieve faster loading times. Also, gamers should no longer be able to gain a gaming advantage with the help of certain graphics settings.

In view of the mass of changes, we refrain from listing the patch notes here. You can find the full list on the official website.

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