Sony DualSense joysticks

Sony would bring the Haptic Technology of the DualSense to Streams and let us feel Tastes, Smells and Temperature

Sony proposes to use the same technology of the DualSense joysticks to give sensations to the viewers of streams with various types of uses. We tell you how all this would work, below!

A new patent for PlayStation indicates that the same haptic technology of the DualSense would bring their sensory experiences to streams and other recorded media. From this, and under the title Haptics Metadata in a Spectating Stream (“Haptic metadata in a viewer stream”) Sony Interactive Entertainment proposes something quite unique. The idea is to allow the viewer to feel haptic sensations as they watch and listen.

The patent dates from February 4, and talks about a curious idea: include haptic feedback in the streams in addition to audio and video. In this way, users could “feel” the experience in addition to seeing and hearing it. The original patent was proposed in July 2019 and includes notes that speak of “tactile information and other sensory information”Accompanying the audio and video.

This could allow the DualSense of the user who looks at the stream replicate the experience of playing. However, it could also be used to transmit taste, smell, temperature, acceleration and humidity “without limits”, as they explain. The DualSense doesn’t have the ability to do that, of course, but the patent mentions a headset of some kind to accompany your explanation. This technology would be applied to create streams more immersive virtual reality.

The patent stipulates that extra-sensory information could be represented through descriptive subtitles for those who do not have the relevant hardware, or do not want to activate it. For example, on the screen you would read “vibration” to know what is happening at a given moment.

Keep in mind that just because a technology is patented, it does not necessarily mean that it will materialize. However, it is interesting to know that Sony is interested in sensory experiences.

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