We have been talking about Sony’s new virtual reality glasses for many years and it seems that the wait is going to come to an end once and for all. As the Japanese brand has confirmed on its social networks, its new PlayStation VR2 glasses will arrive “in early 2023”.

Although from Sony they have not wanted to catch their fingers with a more precise date, it seems that there are only a few months left for the successors of the first PlayStation VR to see the light after more than five years in development.

If there is a lot of desire to see the new virtual reality glasses from Sony, it is because on paper the thing promises. The PlayStation VR2 will connect to the PS5, the only console with which they will be compatible, by means of a long USB-C cable, and will be able to move two OLED HDR screens of 2000 x 2040 pixels at 90/120 Hz (for reference , the original PS VRs had two 960 x 1080 pixel screens) with a 110-degree field of view. In addition, as a bonus, they will have foveal rendering, something that should help to better optimize the graphic resources of the console and further increase visual immersion.

The new headset will be able to scan the areas surrounding the user, taking advantage of the cameras and controls to create a personalized game area. In fact, the new PlayStation VR2 will allow users to see their surroundings without having to remove the virtual reality glasses.

Sony has announced that the glasses will not come alone, but will be accompanied by 20 great games that will be available from launch day. Among these titles we will see virtual reality versions of games like No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village, and completely original ones like Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Although we still do not know the exact date of arrival of the PlayStation VR2, the great unknown that remains to be cleared up is what its price will be. Hopefully we can clear up doubts soon.

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