Sony chief designer presents golden PS5 controller – GLM – The best gaming news

Sony chief designer presents golden PS5 controller – GLM – The best gaming news

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Playstation 5-Design

The Playstation 5 and its color. Clearly a difficult topic. Because most Playstation fans actually want a second version of the console in a black design, as we know it from the last two console generations. The PS5 still looks good, but the white design does not fit into every living room and does not meet every taste.

The hype was all the greater when a company from the USA announced that it wanted to manufacture a black PS5 in the design of the classic PS2. Several pre-orders were received and the project went through the roof. But in the end, no console was ever shipped.

According to official information, it was not possible to continue in good conscience due to persistent death threats from “fans”. According to rumors, the cancellation of the project should have failed due to pressure from Sony. The Japanese console manufacturer has already warned a number of companies that have offered optical modifications for the PS5 and, for example, replace the outer panels with other colors.

Golden PS5 controller

So Sony obviously has an interest in preventing third-party companies from redesigning the PS5. This could indicate that you might want to offer new designs for the console yourself in the future. So you would at least have a motive for why you send out warnings to design companies.

One of the leading product designers at Sony has now shown that there is definitely the possibility of producing special versions of the console. Recordings of a special edition of the DualSense controller recently appeared on his LinkedIn page. This one is not white and black like the standard model, but has a rather elegant gold element.

That of course arouses desires within the gaming community. One shouldn’t really hope, however, because the engraving “PS5 Launch Team” can be read on the controller, which indicates that Sony only made this special edition for employees who were involved in the launch.

Here you can see the picture

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