A post-launch DLC seems to be on the way as well

In the last few hours, some material has appeared on the net that seems to have anticipated the official announcement about the release date of Sonic Frontiers which would appear to be set for November 15 complete with Post-launch DLC. In fact, as reported by a user on Reddit a Taiwanese shop has published a photo in which the release date of the game is written, complete with a final writing that recalls the release of an expansion dedicated to the game after its release.

A leak may have revealed the release date of Sonic Frontiers

This news unintentionally (or maybe not) disclosed by this Taiwanese shop immediately sparked all the fans who are eagerly awaiting the game dedicated to the famous blue hedgehog. If the leak is true, it means that there is not much time left to wait, since the launch seems to be scheduled for mid-November, therefore in more or less three months. If so, fans of Sonic Frontiers they might breathe a sigh of relief that they finally have the game’s release date.

But, of course, as we always warn you when it comes to leaks and not official communications that come directly from publishers and developers, we invite you not to assume that these news are true, as it is not possible to verify the veracity of what just said. However, should official sources confirm what was previously reported for Sonic Frontiers we will not hesitate to let you know promptly.

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