Grand Theft Auto

No other franchise is currently reported as much as Grand Theft Auto. Especially after the announcement of the new offshoot Grand Theft Auto VI, the franchise is once again in the focus of the community. The reason: Rockstar is now stepping on the gas with GTA 6.

From now on, even resources and employees will be deducted from other games. According to developers, other Rockstar titles should move down the priority list for the time being. This includes Red Dead Redemption 2 and its multiplayer function.

GTA Online, on the other hand, is not affected. For Rockstar, the online feature of GTA 5 continues to be an absolute goldmine and thus plays an important role for the company. Shortly after it was hinted that support for RDR2 would be reduced, GTA Online comes up with a completely new feature.

As a police officer in GTA Online

So far, GTA Online has received new updates twice a year. After Rockstar Games announced that they were focusing more on GTA VI, many fans were concerned that there were hardly any optimizations for GTA Online either. But this is changing now. According to an official Rockstar blog post, a very special innovation is now on the way.

Previously, the player was able to play through the open world game as a nightclub owner, smuggler, and criminal. Now a whole new role is added. A player can now experience the adventure from the point of view of a policeman. All you have to do is steal a police car and then successfully escape. Then you can be admitted to the IAA. In this role there should also be new missions. As an ILO field representative, one can dedicate oneself to combating criminal conspiracies:

“Next #GTAOnline update:
– Expanding the criminal careers of executive, biker, gun smuggler and nightclub owner. – A new series of contact missions where you, as an ILO task force, must investigate a burgeoning criminal conspiracy.”

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