Slide, Animal Race- Game unveils its launch Trailer

Slide, Animal Race- Game unveils its launch Trailer

As promised, the independent and French studio Oneiric Worlds returns today to the front of the stage to share good news with us: Slide, Animal Race, the studio’s first game is finally available on Steam.

Slide, Animal Race therefore offers players to select a particularly cute animal to race with seven other participants. Obviously, like the iconic Super Mario Kart sagas or Crash Team Racing, the title of Oneiric Worlds offers on these different tracks items to collect allowing in particular to put sticks in the fins of many opponents.

Slide, Animal Race was first developed as a mini game for “A Thief’s Melody”, a 3D adventure / exploration game also in development at the studio. But it has evolved so much that it finally became a game in its own right. The two games share the same universe and the same contemplative atmosphere, as well as a theme close to “animals and nature”.

Check the Slide, Animal Race Gameplay here:

Note that the game offers the possibility of playing with 8 players simultaneously in split screen, but also in network thanks to the Steam “Remote Play Together” feature.

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