Skyrim Wyrmstooth: Fan Add-on with the scope of an official DLC is back

Skyrim Wyrmstooth: Fan Add-on with the scope of an official DLC is back

For some Skyrim players, the name “Wyrmstooth” may mean something. This is a quite extensive mod for the role-playing game, but it disappeared in 2016. Now it’s back in updated form on Nexus Mods, uploaded by the original creator.

What does Wyrmstooth offer?

Wyrmstooth is not a total conversion of the Enderal brand and is therefore a little less extensive. But that’s not what it wants to be. Because the work does not see itself as a stand-alone title, but as an add-on. Accordingly, Wyrmstooth expands the world of Skyrim instead of creating a new one.

  • Story: You are chasing a dragon over the Sea of ​​Ghosts and you have to kill it.
  • New area: For this you visit Wyrmtooth Island in the north of Solitude.
  • Additional dungeons: You will also find new dungeons there. According to the modder also the “biggest in Tamriel”.
  • Quests: The mod promises a total of 17 new quests including characters and voice output.
  • More weapons: You can find new shields, spells, and another dragon call.
  • Housing with a twist: There is an imperial fortress on an island that you can make your home. However, you have to defend that too.

What has happened since the last version?

The current release is not just the original mod from 2016. It is now version 1.19 and has been further optimized. Among other things, there should now be better performance and some of the dungeons have been expanded. The complete patch notes are available from Pastebin.

How do you install the mod?

Despite the size of the mod, the installation is quite easy. This is mainly due to the fact that Wyrmstooth does not depend on other mods or plugins such as the Skyrim Script Extender.

  • Extract the mod archive into the data folder of Skyrim
  • Activates the Wyrmstooth.esp in the launcher. The file should load after the official DLC as well as the unofficial patches.
  • Start the game
  • You start the Wyrmstooth quest by either waiting for Theodyn Bienne or looking for Lurius Liore in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

More interesting Skyrim mods

The Skyrim mod community is still very active. Thanks to them, you can play the game in co-op mode, for example. And not only online, but also locally in the split screen.

Apart from that, there are also total conversions for the game. For example Skywind, which sees itself as a remake of Morrowind, the third part of the series. Or the previously mentioned Enderal: A completely separate game based on the gameplay of Skyrim.

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