Siphon Filter: Imminent launch of Dark Mirror PS Plus Premium

Siphon Filter: Imminent launch of Dark Mirror PS Plus Premium

Another entry in Bend Studio’s Siphon Filter series looks set to join PS Plus. trophies for Siphon filter: dark mirror have been posted online, indicating a PS Plus Premium release soon.

Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror is out on PS2 and PSP

Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror was originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable and a year later for the PS2. Sony hasn’t made an official announcement, so we don’t know which version will be heading to PS Plus. The full list of trophies is as follows:


  • Create your own destiny – Unlock all trophies in Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror


  • Best Agent: Complete all training missions.
  • Here are the coordinates sent by Ellis: Complete ‘Insert Point Alpha’
  • The Interrogation is Over: Complete ‘Red Jack’
  • What is the red section doing here? : Complete “Finding Freeman”
  • Return to Power: Complete “A Man Without Power”
  • New Uplink Installed: Complete “Freeman’s Files”

Flat :

  • Based. Permanently: Complete “Under NORAD’s Nose”
  • It was a poorly designed bomb – Complete “Security Section D”
  • Blood and Oil: Complete “Kreisler’s Garden”
  • Dark Mirror Will Kill Us All: Complete “Freeman’s Answer”
  • Just like the good old days: Complete “Old Friends”
  • I Remember Many Things: Complete “Memories”
  • It couldn’t be that simple: Complete “Forged Under Fire”
  • You’re Too Visible Like This: Complete “Traitors Among Us”
  • A Broken Building Won’t Stop Me: Complete “The Ultimate Sacrifice”
  • I’m going to need a bigger weapon: Complete “The Trojan Horse”
  • Touchstone and Singularity: Complete “The Fist Full of Rubles”

Gold :

  • Its failure will cost us all dearly: complete “Blood Money”.
  • Masters of Our Own Fate: Complete “Meet Fate”
  • Similar Fate: Complete “Into the Abyss”
  • System Shock – Complete the “Red Section”
  • Destroy Everything: Complete “Drowning”
  • The Beginning of the End: Complete “Event Horizon”
  • Let Them Go: Complete “The End of the Deal”

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