Shields in Valheim change, soon you can really play tank

Shields in Valheim change, soon you can really play tank

Fight, cook, build. The upcoming Hearth & Home update for Valheim will change a lot of the popular Steam game. And as the developers are now announcing in a new preview clip, as is the battle with the shield. Two important changes are pending, we provide you with the most important information.

Shields get really powerful

The developers promise a significant buff for the shields of Valheim. And if you can believe the new video, fighters can look forward to two exciting innovations.

Tower shields make you a tank: The tower shield is large and leisurely, but blocks a lot of damage. Hearth & Home now significantly increases the knock-back effect of the tower shield, allowing players to push opponents back further.

This means that players can even take on several opponents at the same time without getting too confused. After all, there is a better way of attracting the attention of several opponents and being able to strike back at the same time.

For Valheim players who like to use the tactics of a tank, an important and quite exciting change to the tower shields.

The protective shield allows parrying: Hearth & Home is also redesigning the smaller protective shield. With this variant you can of course not block as much damage or as many opponents as with the tower shield. But with this piece of equipment you will be able to parry the attacks of your enemies in the future.

Incidentally, both changes go hand in hand with others that affect the Valheim combat system: With Hearth & Home, endurance becomes the decisive factor that determines how fast you can strike and how much damage it does to enemies. Effective blocking, in turn, depends on your maximum life energy.

This means that fighters with a tower shield should boost their maximum health. Of course, that shouldn’t hurt fighters with protective shields either. To what extent Hearth & Home changes the fighting and cooking system and what other effects this has on the gameplay of Valheim, you can read in a separate article.

Hearth & Home has been in the making for a while, but it has no final release date yet. For Valheim, the rough period of “third quarter 2021” has already been promised.

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