Season 2 in CoD Warzone & Cold War: Everything to download and Battle Pass

Season 2 in CoD Warzone & Cold War: Everything to download and Battle Pass

A bit of deja vu already triggers it: Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone is coming up. So the Season 2, this time linked to Cold War instead of Modern Warfare. Again there is a new Battle Pass with 100 ranks and another larger download is waiting for you.

So that you can find everything important at a glance, we have created an overview for you with all the information about the start of Season 2.

All information about the download of Season 2

When can I download Season 2?

Update 1.12 will appear at different times this time for Cold War and Warzone, but you can download it in advance for both games.

  • Cold War: The update has been available for download since February 24th at 6 a.m. So you can download it right away if you read this message.
  • Warzone: The update for Season 2 of the Battle Royale will be released one day later, namely on February 25 between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.

When can I play Season 2?

All new content should on February 25 at 6 a.m. can be unlocked. What you can expect from new weapons, maps, game modes and operators, we present you in a separate story.

How big is the download of Season 2?

As usual, you should plan some time for the patch for Season 2. So far, the following download sizes are known – note that they can be different depending on which parts of the game you have installed and whether you are using 4K textures.

Cold War:

  • PC: 31 GB
  • PS4: 11 GB
  • PS5: 20 GB
  • Xbox One: 15 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 25 GB


  • The download size of Season 2 in Warzone is not yet known.

All information about the Battle Pass in Season 2

How does the new Battle Pass work?

Everything stays the same here, the pass again contains 100 ranks that you can unlock. There is a stripped-down, free version that is automatically added to your account.

If you want to have all the rewards, then you have to buy the paid version for 1,000 CoD points (around 10 euros). If you want to unlock the first 20 ranks directly, the Battle Pass Bundle will cost you 2,400 CoD points (around 20 euros).

What rewards are in the Battle Pass?

Season 2 rewards:

  • Two new weapons: You unlock the two new ratchets at rank 15 and rank 31 – also in the free version of the Battle Pass.

You unlock the Assault Rifle with Rank 15 of the Battle Pass.

You get the new SMG with 34 magazine in 31st place.

  • New weapon blueprints: In total, the Battle Pass in Season 2 contains twenty new blueprints, including eleven legendary ones.
  • New operator skins: Including a skin for Russell Adler at rank 20 and a skin for the new operator Naga at rank 100. These cosmetic items are only included in the paid Battle Pass.
  • CoD points: There are 300 CoD points in the free pass, and even 1,300 in the full. If you save that, you can buy the Season 3 Battle Pass without spending any more money.

What about Modern Warfare, anyway?

After the release of Cold War it became very quiet about the predecessor Modern Warfare, at least as far as new updates are concerned. But Season 7 for MW could actually come, if you can believe a new leak.

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