Sanity of Morris: Horror Adventure is coming to PC and consoles in March

Sanity of Morris: Horror Adventure is coming to PC and consoles in March

Sanity of Morris is a first-person horror adventure game from the Dutch developer Alterego Games. Like the studio’s last major title, the cute puzzle platformer Woven, Sanity of Morris is also distributed by the publisher StickyLock Studios, who, as a new trailer shows, already owns the game on March 23rd on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms will publish.

In Sanity of Morris you slip into the role of Jonathan Morris, whose father has left his family and now asks him to visit him. When he arrives in the isolated city of Greenwood, however, he quickly notices that there are no earthly powers at work there, but that visitors from another world may have taken control of the town.

Are aliens real or is there another explanation for what happens to them there? And what does his father have to do with it? Armed with a notepad and a flashlight that makes hidden messages visible, Jonathan goes in search of his missing sire and the truth. In the style of his namesake Jonathan Frakes, the unwilling detective has to separate fact from fiction – and not lose his mind.

According to the Steam site, The Sanity of Morris should contain stealth elements and come up with psychological horror. Rex Anderson was hired as the voice actor for Jonathan, who mainly works on radio plays, but has also gained video game experience with Wasteland 2 and Lego Ultra Agents. In the gameplay trailer you get a first impression of his work and of the mysterious conspiracy that has to be cleared up in the course of the adventure.

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