Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have announced that their latest installment, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, has sold over one million copies worldwide. This result is a combination of physical and digital copies sold for consoles and PC. In addition to this, 3.8 million players have been able to enjoy the title thanks to Xbox Game Pass in its console and PC versions.

It should be remembered that Team Ninja was in charge of the development of the popular Nioh franchise, which has already sold more than 7 million copies. Therefore, this action role-playing game had high expectations on its shoulders. At the beginning Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty more than successes raised some doubts due to some errors present in the game. overall figures.

To celebrate these good results, the study announced that the title would benefit from free extensions in the months to come. The closest, The Battle of Zhongyuanwill be released in June and will feature new content.

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