Sailor Moon announces new collaboration with Jimmy Choo

Sailor Moon announces new collaboration with Jimmy Choo

Stop everything! Which other brand has decided to join the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moonthat’s right, a popular footwear and accessories brand is taking their love for Sailor Moon to the next level.

And it is that, after going out with special boots dedicated to anime, jimmy choo now he’s creating an entire collection inspired by the beloved anime franchise. So if you’re looking for some new or special accessories to do some good high-end cosplay, these coveted shoes might work for you, if you have the cash to spend, that is.

Not too long ago, Jimmy Choo gave fans a sneak peek at their Sailor Moon collection. The set, which was made in honor of the anime’s 30th anniversary in exclusive collaboration with its creator, Naoko Takeuchi, and it highlights the main anime characters that we love so much. The five shoes are based on Usagi (Serena), as well as in Sailors Scouts: Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

Serena treats herself to a pair of adorable hot pink knee high boots. The high heel features a sock-like silhouette and is embellished with pearls and Serena’s signature crescent moon. As for the others, Sailor Mercury receives a light blue ankle boot, while Sailor March received as a gift a pointed red bomb with an angular tip.

Of course, Sailor Jupiter Ditch the sky-high heels for something more sensible with its combat boots. Jimmy Choo recreated the exact kicks with green heels, and the shoes of Sailor Venus will give fans a Bratz-esque vibe. After all, platform pumps are super chunky and come with a dazzling ankle strap, and so much more.

This capsule collection will officially launch worldwide on February 14, and while their price tag will be high, each design is eye-catching and features elements of their characters, so hurry, there’s little time left to save!

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