Rust Guide: Start farming, Produce your food

Rust Guide: Start farming, Produce your food

In Rust, you will have to feed yourself continuously and as in any good survival game, there comes a time when you want to automate your food production to move towards new objectives. This is why we are going here to see the basics of agriculture.

The easiest way to grow your plants in Rust is to provide a place for which will have natural or artificial light and which can be watered quite often. If you put all of these together, you will have your own field.

For protection reasons, we will advise you to do this indoors so that it is more difficult to destroy them. Plant your seeds make sure you have lit the area and water often enough for them to grow quietly.

To make your job even easier, it is possible to install an automatic watering system that will allow you to no longer have to make trips to water and above all, you will considerably increase the size of your field.

Finally, you should know that each plant will have 6 genetic spaces that can give bonuses or penalties. These people are random, but the environment can influence them when growing, which can cause you, for example, to need to water more often.

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