Rust Adds a New Mode for “More Casual Players”

Rust Adds a New Mode for “More Casual Players”

The game “blew up” on Twitch earlier in the year.

The Twitch platform has already catapulted several games to fame. Throughout 2020, indie titles like Among Us , Fall Guys, and Phasmophobia would never have caught on if it weren’t for the huge number of streamers who played them. Now that this new year has begun, the game “of choice” by the community has been Rust , one of action and survival.

And while many content creators play it calmly and without killing anyone, the reality is that if one of us starts playing Rust, they will find a server full of real people who seek to kill us at all costs to take everything from us. what we have. This is why the developers have now introduced a slightly “easier” mode.

For those who do not want the cruel and difficult experience of Rust in its purest form, now Facepunch Studios has launched the Softcore mode, which is now available and makes things easier for everyone. When we die, we will not lose everything but we will have some of the essential items still with us; and not only that but we will reappear in safe places.

The groups have also been reduced to 4 people, so that experienced teams do not quickly destroy new ones. This mode can now be enjoyed on 10 servers. “We are aware that some players want a less brutal experience. Introducing Softcore mode, a new game mode in Rust aimed at more casual gamers, ”said Facepunch.

Even though its scope is fairly limited for now, it will soon expand, although Facepunch wants normal mode to remain the most common experience. But the truth is that this should help many common players, and even certain streamers who get on a bit with the difficulty of the game, to enjoy this survival game.

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