Rumor has been circulating on Reddit that Electronic Arts is going to pull the plug battlefield 2042 support in late 2023, a year before the next game is released. However, EA’s Marcus Lehto said the “leak” was “total nonsense”.

Support and updates for Battlefield 2042 will continue in 2023

The latest rumor apparently came from a disgruntled former employee who claimed that the new Battlefield game was aiming for a fall 2024 release. They also shared paragraph after paragraph of details that concerned fans of the series. Lehto, who is in charge of the upcoming Battlefield narrative, was asked about the leak by a follower, to whom he said:

EA and DICE have previously said they are committed to Battlefield 2042 despite the game’s rocky launch and subsequent issues. The game will continue to receive post-launch updates and support throughout 2023, as detailed in a roadmap shared late last year.

That said, EA admitted that Battlefield 2042 “got a little too far away” and pledged to bring back a game that includes a traditional campaign and multiplayer features that fans love.

Plans to introduce the next Battlefield game have yet to be announced.

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