This isn’t the first time alarm bells have been raised around a future Elden Ring expansion. The last time, without going any further, was when they introduced the Colosseum mode and the multiplayer update. But what fans are most looking forward to are new adventures and boss battles beyond anything seen in Middle-earth so far. Well, this time we may have something to remember and confirm that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco are about to make the long-awaited announcement.

It turns out that yesterday afternoon the Elden Ring Steam website updated its code (it’s not an entry that users can see directly, as it’s an encrypted code) and in these new lines there are references to two different versions of the game, a standard version and another Deluxe, in addition to adding new data packages. These are the packages that have interested dataminers the most, since so far this type of data packets have only been added twice: one was in the initial version of the game, and the other was with the coliseums update), according to the ggrecon portal.

All this seems to indicate that the study will soon make a major announcement on new content for the game, which we believe will retain the leaked name of Badlands Barbarians. Even if for the moment, neither Bandai Namco nor From Software have spoken on the matter.

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