RTX 3080 & Co: Players pay scalpers ever higher prices on Ebay

RTX 3080 & Co: Players pay scalpers ever higher prices on Ebay

The costs of new hardware seem to know only one direction at the moment: upwards.

While many gamers continue to hope that the hardware market will relax, development is currently heading in the opposite direction. Toms Hardware reports that the average price for the RTX 3080 on Ebay has increased by around 23 percent compared to the beginning of the year.

The database is based on models sold on Ebay; in the case of the RTX 3080, the total is 3,400. The corresponding tool for data analysis comes from Michael Driscoll, currently it only works with the Ebay databases of the USA and Great Britain.

Other RTX cards and AMD also affected: The RTX 3070 is the best-selling model with 5,400 units. Here the price increase is slightly lower at 17 percent, but still significant (on average $ 940 instead of $ 804). AMD is only marginally better off with the RX-6000 series.

At the same time, the number of items sold at Nvidia is much larger:

RTX 3090


approx. 2,300 models sold

RTX 3080


3,400 models sold

RTX 3070


approx. 5,400 models sold

RTX 3060 Ti


approx. 3,000 models sold

RX 6900 XT


approx. 330 models sold

RX 6800 XT


approx. 450 models sold

RX 6800


approx. 430 models sold

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