Game news Rogue Company: Promising TPS Launches First Season and Season Pass

Announced in July 2020, Rogue Company was rather discreet until the launch of its open beta last October. At that time, we were able to approach the title and Aubin had judged that, without reinventing the wheel, the formula seemed efficient and well calibrated.

Today, Hi-Rez Studios announces to us the launch of a season 1, accompanied by Kestel, a brand new character. She is presented as the confounder of the Rogue Company, an organization from which she moved away before returning to face the threat of the Jackals. In terms of skills and equipment, Kestrel has two automatic weapons, and can send drones firing missiles. She can also benefit from a passive skill, allowing her to gain an additional bounty for each elimination. Finally, she can use the Supply resource, allowing him to generate a kit from downed enemies.

This new character is accompanied a Battle Pass containing around fifty rewards. Anyone can level up and get Account Boosters, but Hi-Rez has a Battle Pass Premium coûtant 1000 Rogue Bucks. In the latter, players will notably find the One Shot outfit for Fixer. Additionally, the developers announce that Rogue Company now has a ranked mode, divided into ranks and division. Finally, Hi-Rez unveils three new premium packs:

  • The Mercenary Edition (€ 4.99) – Unlocks eight Mercenaries from last year, plus 500 Rogue Bucks
  • The Year 1 Pass (€ 24.99) Unlocks in advance all eight mercenaries coming out this year, plus 500 Rogue Bucks
  • The Ultimate Edition (€ 49.99) – Contains the previous two packs, and gives 500 more Rogue Bucks (or 1500 in total)

Rogue Company is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The title is also available in an optimized version on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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