Rockstar Will Slow Down Read Dead Online Updates To Focus On GTA 6

Rockstar Will Slow Down Read Dead Online Updates To Focus On GTA 6

Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA VI, if that is the name of the next major installment of the cult franchise, is in the works when the studio announced, a few months ago, the release dates of GTA V and GTA Online for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Today, in a post detailing an upcoming major update for GTA Online, the developer said it had “regularly moved development resources” to the new Grand Theft Auto game for several years. The company did this because it understands the “need to do better than players expect”, but it had to make some changes to its support for Red Dead Online to do so.

Rockstar will slow down Red Dead Online updates

The biggest change for Red Dead players is that the studio will no longer offer updates on particular themes, as it has in recent years. As GameRant explains, this means that there will be no more new Specialized Roles, missions and other game modes. The company will, however, continue to offer things on existing modes and add new missions by Telegram – which players must complete solo to earn rewards – this year. But after that, Rockstar will focus on Roles and Missions already added during Red Dead Online monthly events.

to focus on GTA VI

Red Dead Online players have consistently complained about the lack of major updates in the past and Rockstar’s tendency to prioritize Grand Theft Auto over its other games. GTA is a huge cash cow for the developer, so it’s no real surprise that Rockstar chooses to go the extra mile to ensure fans will love GTA VI.

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