Rockstar Games is set to announce GTA 6 next week

Rockstar Games is set to announce GTA 6 next week

The next look at Grand Theft Auto VI, in whatever form, could be embedded in a community update for Grand Theft Auto Online. At least that’s what industry insider Tez2 suspects.

Grand Theft Auto VI has been rebooted several times and was in active development prior to Red Dead Redemption 2’s release – but it wasn’t until September’s leak that we actually saw anything of the upcoming game.

Considering the hardships the team put up with, it wasn’t the big reveal they envisioned, but thankfully other companies have expressed their sympathy for the damage the hack did.

Announcement in this coming Thursday?

The bit of Grand Theft Auto VI that we saw was enough to get fans hyped for the game. Since then, they’ve been busy building a map of the game and more from the leaked material. They’re also sniffing out every hint of another announcement from whatever they can find – insider Tez2 has now added fuel to the fire.

“I know this has nothing to do with GTA6, but I like to speculate (…) So there’s a good chance Rockstar will announce information about the next GTAO update this Thursday.” Tez2 suggested in a GTAForum thread. “Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk about my educated guess.”

Presumably, Tez2 refers to a Rockstar Games post about Grand Theft Auto Online, where we might be able to read a line or two about the next game in the series. Maybe even a piece of concept art, but that’s just pure speculation. Still, it’s best if fans don’t get their expectations too high as long as these remain just rumours. The future will tell us if Tez2 is right.

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