We are going to offer you a compendium of promotional codes for Roblox that will allow you to get a lot of cosmetic add-ons, totally free, that you can add to your account.

Month by month, we have a multitude of new promotional codes for Roblox and this time those related to the month of April, where we have a new list that you can redeem to get additions. Some promo codes are general and others are specific to certain games, so we encourage you to try them out according to your favorite titles.

We are also going to show you exactly where to enter all these promotional codes so that you do not waste time, although we already told you that those related to games must be searched for in the program’s own interface.

As you well know, thanks to these Roblox promotional codes we can get free cosmetic items for the avatar and you can keep them permanently, although the codes have an expiration date, so we encourage you to review this list month by month so as not to miss many of the codes you must redeem.

As soon as you have logged into your Roblox account, simply visit the following link and enter the corresponding promotional code before it expires.

General promo codes


Promotional codes for Island of Move

  • StrikeAPose 
  • SettingTheStage 
  • DIY WorldAlive 
  • GetMoving 
  • VictoryLap

Prime Gaming promo codes

This is the Tech Head cosmetic article only available for Prime Gaming users for this month, you must access this link .

Sentinel Shield Beat the Scammers

All you need is to go to this game , known in Spanish “how to beat scammers”, and go around the map correctly answering 10 questions.