Resident Evil Village: the Maiden demo is available exclusively on PS5

Resident Evil Village: The Maiden demo is available Exclusively on PS5

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The castle area of ​​Resident Evil Village can be discovered in the Maiden demo.

Maiden, a stand-alone demo of Resident Evil Village, is available for download only on PS5 via PlayStation Store from today. Faced with a short story and the resolution of several puzzles, players must use insight to escape Dimitrescu Castle as no combat can be engaged. Note that Maiden is not the name of any person, but rather it symbolizes the protagonist that we embody in this technical demonstration of the new version of the RE Engine graphics engine on the new Sony console with Ray Tracing and 3D audio.

Resident Evil Village Maiden demo

The new Resident Evil from Capcom and Maiden take place in the same location, but not at the same time. The two are related in one way or another: “We don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering the connections between the two games, but we hope you have fun exploring the demo and then come back with a fresh look when the full game is released, so you can find out for yourself. yourself what are these links“. The action is generally neglected to focus on the atmosphere. A different free playable demo will be available this spring on all platforms.

Peter Fabiano, producer of Resident Evil Village: “We created Maiden as a surprise for PS5 gamers to show how far we can push the capabilities of the console – that’s why we’ve added ‘visual demo’ to the title. For those of you looking for a more realistic gameplay demo… stay tuned!

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