Resident Evil 9: Already in the Works before Resi 8 even arrives?

Resident Evil 9: Already in the Works before Resi 8 even arrives?

While many fans are currently waiting for the release of the horror game Resident Evil Village (also known as Resident Evil 8), Capcom already seems to have prepared for the future of the series. As the well-known insider and leaker “Dusk Golem” claims via Twitter, the next episode is already in development- Resident Evil 9.

According to him, work on the horror game started towards the end of 2018. At this point in time, several episodes of the series were being developed simultaneously- including Resident Evil Village and the remake of Resident Evil 3.

However, “Dusk Golem ” in another tweet claimed that it is clear that Resident Evil 9 is not expected to be released before 2024.

According to his estimates, publication is not expected until 2024 at the earliest – and much later in fact. In addition, a lot could change in the course of development, so that a reboot of the work and thus delays cannot be ruled out.

Capcom has not commented on this matter yet, so you should see the whole thing as a rumor for now. This could be incorrect or outdated information, especially since the source of the information is currently unknown.

However, “Dusk Golem” with its leaks and predictions around the Resident Evil series had already been correct several times in the past, so that there could be some truth in it. We’ll definitely keep you up to date.

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