The new Arkane game returns to show itself again with a new video

Redfall it was the game that opened the prime time of the QuakeCon and it is shown in a long video lasting about thirty minutes in which we are released more information about what the game will be. Various members of Arkane as the game designer Harvey Smith creative director Ricardo Barel’art director Karen Segars and the lead producer Aaron Carter they intervened to talk about some features and peculiarities that distinguish their new game.

Redfall shows up during QuakeCon 2022

The presentation that was released focuses on different aspects of the game: the settings, the weapons, the characters and the gameplay, always one of the most important aspects and that most puts the community in agreement or disagreement. Indeed, it appears that Redfall has characteristics that make it unique compared to all the other shooters that are present in circulation, or so it seems and so it has been stated by its creators.

From the video that you can see at the bottom of this news, we understand how Arkane wanted to create a product that is able to best blend the mechanical fps with those rpg, which however is certainly not new for the software house. Furthermore, everything will have to be expanded in an open world setting that works best in both single player and multiplayer (remember that the game can be enjoyed in both modes).

Furthermore, it has also been confirmed that the game map will be the largest one that the development team has ever had to work on. The same developers have confirmed that the entire setting of Prey it’s not as large as a single map area that players will be able to visit in one of the first missions of Redfall underlining how they have set their sights on creating a truly great game.

Without a doubt Redfall is presented as the most ambitious project of the development team that is trying to amalgamate different elements different from each other in such a way as to create an innovative experience that is not something already seen. Of course, at the moment, it is not known whether the intent of Arkane and expectations will be met, this will be something that we can only see when we have the game in our hands.

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